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Commissioning Support Units Framework: Help or hindrance? – is the forthcoming procurement of commissioning support units (CSUs) likely to be a distraction from the real task which is an improvement in CCG/CSU relationships?

Nice – ‘The Jewel in the NHS crown’ – NICE has to make difficult decisions because there is not enough money in the NHS, and it plays a critical role in making sure we make the most of the money we have. Are we giving it the credit it deserves?

Clinical Commissioning and the NHS Internal Market – Like it or loathe it the NHS has an internal market, and it is the job of CCGs to make this market work in the best interest of patients and taxpayers.

Rationalising Notional Rent Essential to Solving GP Shortage – Lack of decision making about notional rent is stopping the development of general practice dead in its tracks.  Co-commissioning must prioritise unlocking this issue.

GP Conflicts of Interest must be managed and be seen to be managed – Failure to provide real and visible management of GP conflicts of interest following the introduction of co-commissioning could lead to a loss of public confidence in CCGs.

Collaboration in the NHS is more difficult than ever before – the introduction of a plethora of regulators and the minefield of competition regulations means that it is harder than ever before for NHS organisations to collaborate effectively.

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As some of you are doubtless aware, I have been bemoaning the lack of an NHS podcast for some time.  In the end I was challenged to do something about it, and now (albeit 6 months later!) the first podcast is out.

I am working with Joe Tibbets who is a commentator on the public sector, and who has been bemused by the NHS for a long time.  We are going to have a series of conversations to try and make sense of some of aspects of the NHS, which to the outsider looking in must seem very complex indeed.  Joe has been pretty gentle on me so far, but I suspect he will get tougher as time goes on!

In the first one we have touched on GP conflicts of interest, and had an interesting debate about NICE and its role in a cash-strapped NHS.  The podcast is called Reality Bites, and you can find it by clicking on the link below:

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