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Welcome to the Monthly Digest for October 2014.  This month the Reality Bites podcast has really started to take off!  In the podcast, Joe Tibbetts, a healthcare publisher, and I discuss the issues facing the NHS.  This month we have looked at a range of issues including the 5 year forward view and the political parties treating the NHS as political football during conference season.  You can access the podcast here  You can also now subscribe to the podcast on itunes, so that you never miss an episode!

I have also published 5 posts on the ‘Inside Health’ column at this month:

Does the 5 Year Forward View Mean the end of General Practice? – On the surface the 5YFV looks positive for general practice, but on closer inspection it signals a significant threat to general practice as we know it. Can general practice survive?

What Audi Could Teach the NHS about Patient Care – My experience of Cancer, and while the treatment was good I was fighting the system the whole time.  Buying a car, however, was a much better experience!

The US Strategy that could fix UK Healthcare – We need to engage patients, public and staff in a conversation about the need for change so that change can happen and the service we all aspire to can become a reality.

The Bewildering and Counter-Productive World of nhs regulators – The new system of the NHS has its flaws, and nowhere is this more pronounced than in the area of regulation. But it is essential that all concerned collaborate to make the best possible sense of it.

How do we Close the Gap between Health and Healthcare? – The funding crisis in the NHS means we must start a debate on how we can link choices we make to look after our own health with the amount we pay for our healthcare.

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